The Road to Amish World

We left Maine at the beginning of August and headed south to Pennsylvania and the heart of Amish country.  Our home for the next few weeks is Beacon Hill Campground in Intercourse, Pennsylvania (yes that is the name) just outside of Lancaster.


Touring the area has been a delight … winding roads, covered bridges, rolling hills and farms as far as the eye can see.  Then there are the Amish, this is one of the largest Amish communities in the US.  The back roads are filled with produce stands, homemade root beer, pies, and sticky buns.  We love the peaceful clip clop of the horse and buggy as they roll down the road. Fortunately for us there is a steady parade of buggies most days in front of our camper, especially Sundays.

We are camped next door to a working Amish farm. There are various fowl including chickens and turkeys just across the side street from us. We can watch them from just outside the camper. The roosters are not too loud that the fan in the bedroom doesn’t keep them from waking us before dawn. We see dairy cows come out to play in the afternoons and watch as the family harvests tobacco. They are also growing corn. It really is picturesque here.

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