Meyer Lemon Marmalade: Cedar Key, FL

We’re back in Cedar Key for the season. It’s our third time here. 


We’ve grown to love this place as much for the people as sunsets and the warmer temperatures. Tbh, it’s the people, but the sunsets, weather, and area are nice too. 

Anyway, this is a post about marmalade. Meyer lemons are in season. These larger than most lemons are a bit sweeter too, orange-like. William picked up several at a roadside stand. I decided to give making marmalade a try. Am I ever glad I did. I made 3 half pints and water bath canned them. I also had a pint that went right into the fridge. I put one of the half pints in the cupboard to be enjoyed another season. The two other jars will be gifts. I think I’ll need to make more. It was quite tasty. 


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