Holiday Greetings!


I hope this finds you well and enjoying the warmth of family and friends this holiday season. I’m writing from Momma and Daddy’s living room. William and I are here until Christmas.

Here’s a peek into my 2015:

Momma and Daddy are doing well. In October, we spent a few days vacationing together in Asheville, NC. The leaves were at their peak as we traveled through the mountains along the path they used to take me as a child each fall. I count myself lucky to have been given the opportunity to have these times with them.

This summer, William and I set off on a grand journey. My work can be done remotely as long as I have good Internet and an airport reasonably close. So, we locked up the house and loaded up our camper with loose plans and no return date in mind. We’ve been hanging out along the east coast but think we’ll be turning west come fall of 2016. William enjoys photography and captures the most beautiful parts of our adventure. You can follow our adventure right here at Trinkles on Tour. We don’t write all that often, but I hope we’ll do better in 2016!

Sending you much love this holiday season.

Porter and Bill

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