Savannah, GA

We had one more stop on our fall tour before we headed to Florida for the winter and that stop was Savannah.  Savannah had been on our list of places to visit for a few years now but for different reasons it had eluded us.  Finally we were able to make some reservations at the Savannah South KOA for much of December.  We’ll give a full review of this campground in another post.

This was another historic southern town with a lot to see and do, plus it was another destination for the photographer in me.  We didn’t get a chance to explore everything but we did do a lot and here are some we recommend.


  • River Street – This historic cobble stone street along the Savannah river is filled restaurants and shops.  Get a beignet at Huey’s and a pecan praline at Savannah Candy.


  • Savannah’s Squares – Unique to Savannah, are the squares originally used as gathering points and fire prevention for each ward within the city.  Today they are all unique park like gathering places through out the city.


  • Wormsloe Plantation – The Wormsloe Historic Site is not only beautiful but a great way to experience 18th century Colonial Georgia.  The big thing for me was the 1.5 mile long entrance (Oak Avenue) to the plantation sheltered with huge Live Oak trees.


  • Bonaventure Cemetery – One of the most unique cemeteries I’ve ever visited. Once you get a chance to explore you see why this cemetery has attracted tourists, photographers and filmmakers for years.


  • Tybee Island – A cool place to visit just south of town.  Great beach and visit the famous Tybee Light Station.
  • Historic Tours – There are a bunch of great tours in Savannah and we took a few of them.  We like the ones that give you on and off all-day passes.  We usually ride the entire tour to get the full story of the city. Then on the second time around we know where we want to jump off to do more exploring.

The Food:  Here are a few places we tried and you should too.

  • Mrs. Wilkes Dinning Room – A dinning experience like no other.  You walk in, sit down and eat just like Grandma’s house. There is no menu, there is no ordering, it’s just all there when you walk into the room. It’s all good, just make sure take a big purse (even if you’re a guy) because you’ll want to relocate some of the chicken to eat later.   This is a place you sort of have to prepare for before you visit.  Know the hours because they are only open for lunch during the week and it’s cash only.
  • Huey’s on the River – Savannah is a sister city to New Orleans and here is where you find New Orleans food.  The food is cajun, creole and southern.  It’s all good just make sure you save room for a cafe au lait and beingnets.
  • Leopold’s Ice Cream – Great ice cream parlor downtown and home of the original Tutti Fruitti.

Overall we liked Savannah and it’s a place we would certainly visit again.  The history, the food, the charm, it’s all great.  Plus a little secret when you visit an adult beverage establishment you can ask for a to go cup and won’t get arrested.


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