Trinkle Mansion

One of the things we have been researching has been our genealogy. The Trinkle family first arrived in America from Germany in 1738.  They landed in Philadelphia and over the years settled along our same path this summer: Lancaster to Winchester to Roanoke and Wytheville.

Through #trinklesontour we’ve had a chance to explore some of the family records and places.  Wytheville, VA has always been a special place on my list of places to visit.  Back in the 1800’s three sons were born to a local prominent businessman Elbert Sevier Trinkle.  The son’s were Clarence M. Trinkle (b. 1868), William S. Trinkle (b. 1871) and E. Lee Trinkle (b. 1876).  All three sons had very successful lives and careers in the town.  Clarence was a bank President, William a businessman and farm manager while E. Lee Trinkle was a lawyer and eventually the governor of Virginia (1922-1926).

File Sep 20, 6 47 56 PM

All three brothers owned very beautiful homes in Wytheville and two of them still stand today.  The home of Clarence Trinkle is now a funeral home and William Trinkle’s home is currently a bed and breakfast … The Trinkle Mansion.

File Sep 20, 6 45 55 PMThe home of William S. Trinkle – The Trinkle Mansion

File Sep 20, 6 46 18 PMThe home of Clarence M. Trinkle – Barnett Funeral Home

When I was a young boy, I knew nothing of family history.  I never knew where the Trinkle name originated or even knew other people in this world shared my same name.  Now as an adult, with some determined research on my part and the internet, all of that has changed.  Whenever I find a street, a building or a great story with the Trinkle name that little kid inside of me doesn’t feel so bad about having a name that rhymes with “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”   – Bill

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