Dinner at Joshua’s Restaurant in Wells, Maine

Tonight, we had dinner at Joshua’s in Wells, ME. (don’t get confused by the less than appealing website. I’m thinking Chef Joshua is too busy focusing on putting yummy in my tummy to fret over it.) The meal ranks in our top meals list.

We started with a basket of bread. We are big fans of anadama bread, this evening’s serving did not disappoint. We were also served sour dough bread and French bread. Both were very good as well. We shared wood grilled mushrooms as an appetizer. The sour dough bread was really good for sopping up the truffles and Parmesan.

I had the spinach, beet, and fried goat cheese salad. I think it was goat cheese. Whatever it was, it was good. Really good. Bill went with a mixed greens salad and regretted it right away. He loves a Cesar salad. Next time…

He had the rack of lamb; I had the haddock. Both dishes were excellent. We shared chocolate pie with mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. That ice cream was amazing!


We had a lovely evening. Our meal was tasty and the service was impeccable. I look forward to a return visit.


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