Tidying Up

I just finished putting away clean laundry and vacuuming the floors when it dawned on me that I should share how tidying up is one of my favorite things about living small and living nomadic.

Official reason for #trinklesontour Reason #1: cleaning house is more pleasant.

Living small. That makes sense. But how does living nomadic make cleaning more pleasant?

It does take less time to thoroughly clean 300ish square feet, so I find myself choosing to do smaller tasks more frequently.


Here’s the bonus about being nomadic:  The chores also vary depending on where we are. Of course there is always laundry. But, here we do not have sewer hookup. That puts us in partial water conservation mode. We have access to water, but limited space for it to go. That means we aren’t doing a lot of dish washing and tooth brushing in the camper. We’re driveway surfing, so we take care of 99% of water based things in the house. So that also means I’m not wiping countertops after cooking tons.

The next place we go might have full hookups which will add variety to tidying up, but still won’t be overwhelming because 300ish square feet is just right for me.

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