Driveway Surfing in Maine

We arrived in Springvale, ME this afternoon. Our friends John and Jinja have a lovely farmhouse on several acres. This spring, we had 50 amp service installed at their place so we can camp comfortably when the weather gets too hot. Upon arrival, we were greeted with much love. Kids and grandkids started showing up and before we knew it there was a cool dozen people for dinner. I had just enough Georgetown Cupcakes to go around.

For the next month or so, this is home.

Technically, we are driveway surfing, but it doesn’t feel that way. We have our own space, right next door to people we love. We have water in our tank and electricity that is stable. While it’s not full hookups, a bathroom and kitchen are only a few steps away from our door. Phone and Internet work great here; there is a stocked pond in the front yard. And did I mention people we love? Yes. That too.

It is good to be home in our camper.

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