The Adventure Begins 

We departed the ranch at 10:57am. I wanted to be sure to record the day and time. On our shorter journeys, I’ve mostly forgotten to be diligent in documenting. I hope to do better this time. I’m hoping for an epic journey!

Today, we drove to North East, PA. We are boondocking at Mazza Vinyards. We arrived at 5pm, with just enough time for a tasting room visit. William purchased a port and their sweet Niagra wine. 

Mazza Vinyards is part of the Harvest Hosts program. Harvest Hosts is a network of wineries/vinyards, orchards, and farms that allow members to stay overnight for free. They do ask us to purchase something from their gift shop. Our friends, the Nealys, told us about Harvest Hosts. I’m not sure that we are saving money, but we are seeing new things and getting to stay in unique places. 

Bexar sure did enjoy it here. 


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