One more sleep?

We got back to our house six weeks ago after five and a half months playing snowbirds. We wintered in Asheville, NC; Greenwood, SC; and Cedar Key, FL. Upon arrival, we discovered our house had been burglarized. Every piece of jewelry dear to us was gone. My gypsy spirit has been drawing me to the road for some time now; for William this was the nudge he needed to be ready.

Tomorrow, we plan to hit the road. Freezers are empty; cable TV has been turned off. The ranch is protected like some sort of fortress.


Tonight, William is packing things up. I had to travel for work a lot in the past six weeks, so I have been packing a little bit every day. So I am pretty much done. William was (unfortunately?) left behind with the duties of cleaning out and securing the house. I hear him blowing off the patio now. He takes such good care of our things.

While he does that, I am making sure we have a place to share our journey. So here we are, the night before departure. I’m blogging.

I hope you’ll follow along.


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